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At the heart of everything we do is a belief—happy team, happy food, happy guests. When we cook for you, we are sharing our joy of feeding people well and building a good future together.

From port to plate, we democratize good seafood.


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The Spanish paella dish is one of the most famous seafood in the world, and it is a dish of rice mixed with sea fruits and decorated with slices of lemon and delicious spices. And the Arabs are the ones who introduced rice to Spain during the term of the kings of Andalusia. The origin of the word paella is Arabic, which is a remnant.

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Mussels are prepared over a strong heat in the oven, seasoned with special herbs, and served hot On the saj plate, where it makes a sound and smells irresistible

AED 84



Served fresh jumbo shrimp cooked in the oven seasoned with herbs, black pepper and special cream and served on the saj dish that has the sound of barbecue

AED 94



Marinated salmon fillet with herbs, black pepper and coarse salt is served in the oven and served on a saj dish to suit the good taste

AED 79



The Lobster dish is cooked in the oven with a special chef's recipe, where it has a distinctive smell and is served on the saj dish painted with butter to make the sound of barbecue

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